Core Sample: Franklin Park

5 minutes of stereo audio (recorded with Marantz PMD 620 with built-in mics) from the bench at Schoolmaster Hill in Franklin Park, toward sunset.  Emerson lived here 1823-1825.  Cicada at two minutes.  Golfers teeing off from three and a half to end.  20 August 2010



  1. Great to see the photos, Jonathan. Olmstead was a huge influence on John McClaren’s design of Golden Gate Park (San Francisco). It’s amazing to see how many of shapes in Franklin Park are mirrored in the GG.

    Sadly my computer is not yet able to play your sound stuff.

    Stephen V

  2. ecopoetics said

    Looking forward to visiting Golden Gate Park with you, Stephen! (My date for that is September 11th.) If you can download sound to your desktop, it might be playable with one of the media players resident on your machine. Otherwise, I’ll email you the sounds . . .

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